Whether you’re building a brand-new home, designing a showroom look for a commercial space or have noticed your 20+ year old garage floor has become pitted and broken down, Beacon Heights Paint and Design can help you with your cement floor refinishing project.

Corrotech Industrial Coatings is a subsidiary of Benjamin Moore, offering a variety of high performance epoxy & poly aspartic coatings to suit your needs. From 100% solids epoxy garage coatings to whimsical metallic epoxy floor systems in any colour, don’t hesitate to connect with any of our staff for more information.

At Beacon Heights Paint and Design, our specialty is supporting home owners in their do-it-yourself projects. Although applying an epoxy coating does take a strong understanding of proper floor preparation, dry times and application technique, it can be applied successfully with a bit of knowledge and guidance.

If you’re more comfortable hiring a professional to help with your project, we have a list of preferred contractors who are guaranteed to provide exceptional quality work and operate with the highest levels of integrity and trust. Next time you’re in store, ask to be referred to one our trusted contractors and tell them we sent you!

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Garage Floor Before
Garage Floor After

FAQ’s for Garage Floor Refinishing

What is the lifespan of an epoxy floor system?

Depending on the wear and tear of your garage floor (car traffic, impact, UV exposure etc.) the average garage floor should last a minimum of 8-10 years before needing to be resurfaced.

How long does the usual garage floor refinishing project take?

For a standard 2 car garage (or equivalent sized space…) depending on the floor system you choose, the average professional job takes 2-3 days to complete. Cement floors both old and new, need to be properly prepared with a diamond grinder, patch work and a prime coat applied (day 1) followed by two top coats with the option of acrylic flakes applied between coats (day 2).

What is the cost of refinishing my garage floor?

The cost for a home owner to refinish the average two car garage varies based on product selection, but can be done for an estimated $1,000 or less. The most important understanding is that considerable research and man hours are required to apply a long-lasting durable coating. There are cheaper, residential grade options for homeowners to consider, but the coating usually only lasts 2 years before high traffic areas need to be resurfaced.

Unfortunately, the cost of having your garage floor professionally refinished fluctuates considerably and is impossible to properly estimate without key information. Epoxy versus poly aspartic systems, the amount of patchwork required to properly prepare the floor and approximate square footage are important elements to compiling an accurate professional quotation. If you’re interested in getting more information, call the store and ask to speak with the store owner Graham directly.