We believe in all of the Benjamin Moore interior paint products at Beacon Heights Paint and Design. They provide a number of options for our clients, come in hundreds of beautiful hues, their colour matching simply can’t be beat, they are easy to apply and cover exceptionally well. Durable, washable, and reliable, each of these interior paint options offers something distinct and personal.

Aura Interior Paint- Semi-Gloss


If you’re looking for a zero VOC, rich, luxurious finish with unbeatable hide, this is the paint for you. Professional painters looking to cover dark or vibrant colours in fewer coats (i.e. chocolate brown, yellow, red …) turn to Aura for its industry leading quality and coverage. If you’re thinking of going with an off-white as your primary wall colour, if applied correctly, Aura could take fewer coats and actually save you money.

Regal Interior Paint - Ulti-Matte


The flagship of the Benjamin Moore brand across North America, Regal Select is zero VOC, ultra-workable, provides fantastic coverage and touches up like a dream. Regal Select is the tried, tested and true interior paint for high-end contractors and homeowners alike, who want an excellent quality product for a good price.

ben Interior Paint - Pearl


Positioned as the direct competitor to most Home Depot paints, ben premium is our recommended paint for new homeowners, rental units, nurseries, kids rooms and nanny suites. ben premium is a solid performer and splits the gap between performance and price.

Advance Interior Paint - High-gloss


Advance is Benjamin Moore’s specialized paint for baseboards, trim, doors, crown molding, furniture and cabinetry. Known across the industry for its self-levelling capability, the finish you can achieve if properly applied is surpassed only by a commercial spray finish. With the same durability as an oil-based paint, and with simple soap and water cleanup, this is a breakthrough product that remains unmatched in the industry.

Scuff-X Interior Paint Matte


Already the fan favourite, Scuff-X is one of the easiest paints for perimeter cutting and will perform like none other when it comes to scuff resistance and washability. Designed for use in high-traffic areas (stairwells, mud rooms, basements, etc.) with walls that get a lot of abuse, there’s no ploy or marketing gimmick here. Scuff-X is an impressive interior paint product that keeps your highest traffic areas livable for years.

Aura Bath And Spa — Matte

Aura Bath & Spa

Building on the same base product as our Aura interior paint line, Aura Bath and Spa has added anti-microbial and fungus agents and is proven to help reduce the growth of mold in high-humidity areas. Another attribute that makes it different is its ability to stop those frustrating water lines on walls behind hand towels and in shower stalls between where the tile stops and the ceiling begins. Available only in matte finish.

Benjamin Moore Natura — Eggshell


Natura continues Benjamin Moore’s commitment to innovation by providing the most environmentally friendly paint on the market. If you’re concerned about VOCs and are looking for a safer paint for you and your family while still providing a durable and beautiful finish, this is the product for you.

Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Waterborne Ceiling Paint

The ultimate in ceiling paints, the ultra flat finish of the Waterborne Ceiling Paint was specially engineered to hide common ceiling imperfections for finish that looks flawless. Easy to apply even for the most novice painter, this ceiling paint has minimal splatter and allows for you to take your time while painting.